Owner & creative director, John Ficarrotta 

Producing videos has been my passion since my teens. All these years later & I'm still passionate about telling stories & creating visually stunning motion images. I have worked in the television & video industry all of my life. I shot my first music video in grade school & my first wedding while still in high school. I have a college degree in Broadcast telecommunications. I am a husband for 20+ years & father of 2 teenage girls who also enjoy photography, video & the arts. My hobbies are photography, poker & mixed martial arts. I do not consider himself a videographer, but a moviemaker, an artist, a motion photographer & a cinematic storyteller.

Our Vision

Most people think of art as something that is framed & hangs on the wall. At Giovanni Films we see art in fine food, fashion, architecture, even our children's school projects. We approach all of these with an artistic perspective. Each element reflects a color, texture, flavor or feel, all making up the originators style. We see angles & light, shade & framing when shooting & music, tempo, soul & composition when editing. It all makes up our style. 

Our Wedding videos

We know how important preserving the memories of your biggest day can be. Giovanni Films captures the true essence of the moment, the energy of the day or the uniqueness of each couple, as you share the happiest day of your lives. We capture it all & re-tell your story in a format that is elegant & chic, warm & upbeat, stylish & artistic. We strive to produce a movie that captures the soul, spirit and ambience of each couple and fuse your style with ours. 

We're honored to tell your story.

Commercials, Webisodes & Promotional Videos

If you're still doing business the way you were just 5 years ago, then you're out of business, or quickly losing market share. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin are now the standard for business marketing, advertising & exposure. Some people see their website as a business card or menu. We see it as a theatre & a salesperson. After viewing your Giovanni Films web commercial on your website the only thing a potential client should be saying is 'Where do I sign".

Televison, Music & Theater Events

Passion. That's what we like most about musicians, artists, dancers & actors. They're passionate about what they do. Many may never be able to sustain a living performing their craft, yet it rarely dissuades them from perusing their dreams. Giovanni Films has been involved in the music, theatre & film industry in one form or another our whole lives. It's a passion for us as well. We admire & support them.

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